Sex Ed Sorted & Healthy Minds

Sex Ed Sorted

Sex Ed Sorted is a two part sex education programme that comprises of 10 lessons. It is currently being created by the Sex Education Forum specifically for the Healthy Minds project.

Part One will be taught to Year 8 and will provide students with the scientific underpinning to understand how the male and female human body changes in adolescence and the implications of these changes for fertility and emotions.

Part two will be taught to Year 9 and will focus on human sexual behaviour. Students will be introduced to reproductive and sexual health and learn about the practicalities of getting help and advice.

Sex Ed Sorted meets government legislation and guidance, but goes beyond the handful of topics that schools are required to teach and will provide students with a comprehensive and rich learning that will engage them in a safe and secure way to enable them to make informed decisions.

Following the pilot stage, the Sex Ed Sorted programme will be available nationally.  

Healthy Minds project

The national Healthy Minds project is being led by ‘How to Thrive’ in partnership with the London School of Economics. The project design and delivery has been funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and will track 10,000 students over four years.

Healthy Minds is a unique and exciting research project that will follow secondary school students for 4 years. The research aims to evidence the link between emotionally stable, self‐efficacious students and improved behaviour and academic attainment in school.

33 secondary schools are involved in the Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) that will capture the impact of teaching a specific curriculum for one lesson per week from year 7 through to year 10. Teachers from the 33 schools are involved in extensive, specialist training (facilitated by How to Thrive) to assist in the delivery of the personal, social and health lessons.

The curriculum will deliver and go beyond the current Personal, Social, and Health Education required in secondary schools. ‘Sex Ed Sorted’ is one of the 7 topics that will be delivered in Year 8 and Year 9. Teachers are receiving extensive training in each of the elements of the curriculum to ensure quality in teaching and learning. 

The schools participating include; academies, grammar, faith and free schools as well as a special school. The schools are located in Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, London, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Wolverhampton.

To find out more information, visit How To Thrive’s website; Healthy Minds.