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Constituent communications to MPs are a vital tool in our campaign for statutory SRE. Here is a suggested 'template' letter that you can use or adapt to send by email or post to your MP. Find your MP using this postcode search tool from Parliament website. 


Dear [MP name],

I am writing to you as a constituent to ask for your support in making sex and relationships education (SRE) statutory in primary and secondary schools, as part of an entitlement to personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education.

Currently, SRE is not statutory, it is only basic biology that is required and this applies to maintained schools only. This is unacceptable, and leaves many children and young people without vital age-appropriate information for their safety and health.

With a new Cabinet in post it is vital that our leaders know that there is extensive support for statutory SRE, from young people, teachers and parents. Please can you contact the Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening, on my behalf and ask if she will commit to a requirement for all schools to provide SRE, as part of the Education For All Bill.

The urgent need for good quality, comprehensive SRE is plain to see. In a recent survey of over 2000 young people, half (50%) said that they had not learnt from their primary school about 'how to get help if you experience unwanted touching or sexual abuse' (Sex Education Forum, Heads or Tails, 2016).

Support for statutory SRE is very clear, with the Education Select Committee recommending that SRE and PSHE become statutory in all primary and secondary schools, and the Women and Equalities Committee drawing the same conclusion through their inquiry into sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools. The Chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, Vera Baird QC has called for statutory SRE. The United Nations has also recommended that legislation is needed to make SRE mandatory.

Every child has a right to learn about relationships, abusive vs. acceptable behaviour, consent, their bodies and sexual health. The new Cabinet has an opportunity to make a simple but fundamental change to legislation that will have a lasting effect in protecting the next generation. Please help make this happen.

Yours sincerely,

[your name]


Further information about the current status of SRE is covered by a set of FAQs available from the Sex Education Forum web-site: