Young campaigners

Young campaigners


If you would like to raise awareness of the important topic of sex and relationships education (SRE) in schools then please get involved in ‘SRE – It’s my right’ which is a campaign for compulsory SRE. Here are 4 ways you can get involved:


1. Tell people you know about the campaign
Encourage other young people and adults to take part too. You could use twitter, facebook and emails to communicate this. Find the Sex Education Forum on facebook and twitter: @sex_ed_forum and the campaign hashtag is #SREitsmyright


2. Talk to your school council
SRE may be a topic that your school or college council have discussed in the past. You can suggest to your school/college council that they get involved in campaigning for compulsory SRE. You might also suggest to your SRE, PSHE or citizenship teacher that involvement in this campaign forms a project as part of your lessons.

Have a look at our campaign messages. Does SRE meet these standards in your school?  Why not ask to meet your Head teacher to discuss the changes you want to see in your school or write them a letter.


3. Write to your local newspaper
You could send a letter to your local newspaper(s) explaining that you are supporting ‘SRE – It’s my right’ and encouraging other young people to get involved.

You could sent a letter like this:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to raise awareness of the important topic of sex and relationships education (SRE) in our schools. We want our political leaders to help make SRE compulsory in all schools.

Because the current system focuses almost entirely on the biology of reproduction, there are many issues that affect us on a daily basis that are not being taught, including how to deal with pressures online and real-life relationships. A one-off lesson in year 10 or 11 is not enough.

We want adults to use their position as voters to tell their MP we want compulsory SRE in our schools as part of statutory PSHE. And we urge politicians to support a better education for young people of our and future generations.

You can join the Sex Education Forum's campaign for statutory SRE at


You could write a letter together with other young people at your school or youth group and all sign it. Look in your local paper to find the name and email address for the editor and address it to them.

Have a look at our campaign messages, which include research, quotes and statistics to help you understand more about the issues. You can use these quotes and facts in your campaigning. It is always a good idea to say what the source of facts and quotes is – include a web-link or the source information provided underneath the campaign messages.

4. Write to a local councillor or MP
You can write to a local councillor or your local MP about the campaign and your views. You can do this individually or it may be more powerful if you work with your friends or peers as a group to do this together. To find out who your local MP and local councilor is visit


5. Meet your MP or invite them to your school or group
You can ask to meet your MP, for example during their Friday 'surgery', or you might ask your MP to come and see a project or activity that shows why SRE is important. Have a look at 'Talking SRE', which is a guide to meeting your MP about SRE.  


Good luck with your campaigning. We would be happy to hear about it too. Email

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