Ages 7-8

At this age children are interested in the changing nature of friendships, the emotional and physical changes of growing up, similarities and differencesbetween boys and girls, coping with strong emotions and how babies are made from eggs and sperm. How to look after our bodies and how to be safe and healthy are also important.

Questions to help you understand what children want to learn about are listed in themes below.


  • How have my relationships changed as I have grown up?
  • Why do friendships change?
  • How can I be a good friend?
  • Why can it be fun to have a friend who is different to me?
  • What are some of the bad ways people can behave towards one another?
  • How do I know when I am being bullied?
  • What do I do if I am being bullied?
  • How can I make up with my friend when we have fallen out?
  • Why are some parents married and some not?


My body

  • How has my body changed since I was a baby?
  • Why is my body changing?
  • Why are some children growing quicker than others?
  • Why are some girls in my class taller than the boys? How do girls and boys grow differently?
  • Why are we all different? Is it ok to be different?
  • What are similarities and differences between boys and girls?
  • Should boys and girls behave differently?



  • What makes me feel good?
  • What makes me feel bad?
  • How do I know how other people are feeling?
  • Why are my feelings changing as I get older?
  • How do I feel about growing up and changing?
  • How can I cope with strong feelings?


Life cycles

  • Why does having a baby need a male and a female?
  • What are eggs and sperm?
  • How do different animals have babies?
  • How do different animals look after their babies before and after birth?
  • What happens when people get older?


Keeping safe & looking after myself

  • What are good habits for looking after my growing body?
  • What do I do if someone wants me to do something dangerous,  wrong or makes me feel uncomfortable?
  • When is it good or bad to keep secrets?


People who help me

  • Who can I talk to if I feel anxious or unhappy?
  • Where can I find information about growing up?


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