Ages 9-10

At this age children are interested in knowing about love and the different kinds of families, they will be curious about puberty and sexual feelings and changing body image. They will want more details about conception, how babies develop and are born and why families are important for having babies. They will be interested in knowing about how people can get diseases including HIV, from sex and how they can be prevented. They will also want to know who they can talk to if they want help or advice and information about puberty and sex.

Questions to help you understand what children want to learn about are listed in themes below.


  • What are the important relationships in my life now?
  • What is love? How do we show love to one another?
  • Can people of the same sex love one another? Is this ok?
  • What are the different kinds of families and partnerships?
  • What do the words 'lesbian' and 'gay' mean?
  • Why does calling someone 'gay' count as bullying?
  • What should I do if someone is being bullied or abused?
  • Are boys and girls expected to behave differently in relationships? Why?
  • Can some relationships be harmful?
  • Why are families important for having babies and bringing them up?


My body

  • What is puberty?
  • Does everyone go through it? At what age?
  • What body changes do boys and girls go through at puberty?
  • Why are some girls 'tomboys' and some boys a bit 'girly'?
  • Is my body normal? What is a 'normal' body?
  • How will my body change as I get older?


Feelings and attitudes

  • What kinds of feelings come with puberty?
  • What are sexual feelings?
  • What are wet dreams?
  • What is masturbation? Is it normal?
  • How can I cope with these different feelings and mood swings?
  • How can I say 'no' to someone without hurting their feelings?
  • What should I do if my family or friends don't see things the way I do?
  • What do families from other cultures and religions think about growing up?
  • Can I believe everything I see on the TV about perfect bodies/ relationship/girls and boys.…to be true?


Lifecycles/ human reproduction

  • What is sex?
  • What is sexual intercourse?
  • How many sperm does a man produce?
  • How many eggs does a woman have?
  • How do sperm reach the egg to make a baby?
  • Does conception always occur or can it be prevented?
  • How do families with same-sex parents have babies?
  • How does the baby develop?
  • How is the baby born?
  • What does a new baby need to keep it happy and healthy?


Keeping safe & looking after myself

  • How can I look after my body now I am going through puberty?
  • How can girls manage periods (menstruation)?
  • How can people get diseases from sex and can they be prevented?
  • What is HIV, how do you get it and how can you protect yourself from it?


People who help me/getting help and advice

  • Who can I talk to if I want help or advice?
  • Where can I find information about puberty and sex?
  • How can I find reliable information about these things safely on the internet?

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