External Visitors & SRE

This section lists all case-studies about external visitors and SRE. 

Theatre in Education provides fun and learning
Loudmouth uses drama as a powerful and safe way to help children and young people gain honest, appropriate and accessible forms of sex education. The company works both nationally and internationally, and has reached over a quarter of a million young people delivering up to 900 sessions each year.

Chester Schools' Christian Work Self-assessment in SRE
Chester Schools' Christian Work (CSCW) instigated a new monitoring and evaluation system. At the beginning and end of each on ehour session the young people are anonymously polled on two questions, the responses of which record the impact the lesson has had on two specific issues.

Talk about Choice
This SRE programme delivered by specialist voluntary sector organisation, Education for Choice, gives young people the facts about pregnancy choices including abortion. Joint winner of the Pamela Sheridan Award 2010.  

Healthy Schools kite-marking
The Richmond local authority and Youth Service developed a kitemark for agencies and partners delivering PSHE. 

Partnership model - between specialist agency, school and local PCT
Image in Action, a voluntary sector specialist SRE agency with 23 years' experience of working with pupils with learning disabilities through partnership projects in special and mainstream schools, supported Springhallow special school in Ealing with their SRE over three academic years.

Dual focus on teacher and parent competence developed by local authority and PCT with support from national agencies
In Cornwall, the local authority and PCT have developed a dual focus on building the skills of teachers and parents for SRE; and are utilising the expertise of their staff team as 'external visitors' to support schools to achieve this.

A Framework for School Health Input to SRE and PSHE Education - Barnsley
A Framework for School Health Contributions to Personal, Social, Health and Economic education has been published in Barnsley (Barnsley Healthy Schools 2009), which aims to help schools and school nurses maximise the benfits of joint working.

Reviewing input of external visitors - Sutton
In the London Borough of Sutton a review of external visitors in SRE was carried out with a particular focus on school nurses and family planning nurses as they contributed to SRE in most secondary schools in the area.

Brook in Milton Keynes improving the skills of SRE teachers - building school capacity
The training team at Brook in Milton Keynes contributes annually to the local PSHE CPD programme. Brook also run a free one-day course entitled Hard to Teach as well as giving their direct input into SRE programmes of several secondary schools in Milton Keynes.

Creative arts small group SRE project - meeting the needs of all children and young people
A creative and participatory arts organisation has established a creative arts SRE project that can be used with small groups working towards ASDAN or similar qualifications.