A Framework for School Health Input to SRE & PSHE Education - Barnsley

A Framework for School Health Contributions to Personal, Social, Health and Economic education has been published in Barnsley (Barnsley Healthy Schools 2009), which aims to help schools and school nurses maximise the benefits of joint working. The framework is based on a similar document used in Kirklees and includes a menu of ways in which school nurses can contribute. This includes:

  • strategic activities to support a whole-school approach to Healthy Schools, PSHE education policy development and curriculum planning
  • health care services for pupils, including sexual health services, through open access and appointmentbased on-site provision
  • support for parents
  • the provision of up-to-date information about health services through displays and briefing staff
  • direct classroom input.

Appropriate curriculum areas for direct classroom input where school nurses can make a unique contribution are also set out by Key Stage.

The framework advises schools to negotiate the contribution of their school nurses on an annual basis. This annual 'cycle' should be informed by health needs assessment and carried out at a review and planning meeting in the summer term. The suggested agenda is:

Review of external agency contributions to PSHE education for current academic year:

  • what has worked well/areas for development
  • evaluation of input - any feedback for planning of next year's PSHE education programme
  • planning of forthcoming academic years' contributions to PSHE
  • clarifying responsibilities of school/school nurse/other agencies, e.g. equipment, environment, resources

The annual agreement is then signed off. If this includes classroom contributions, dates are arranged and diarised. Throughout the year, school nurses and other agencies are encouraged to monitor and evaluate their input through pupil and teacher feedback; self-reflection; clinical supervision; and observations made during the PSHE education accreditation programme.

More information on this theme can be found in the the Sex Education Forum resource 'External visitors and sex and relationships education'.