Brook in Milton Keynes Improving the Skills of SRE Teachers - Building School Capacity

The training team at Brook in Milton Keynes contributes annually to the local PSHE CPD programme, which is open to school nurses and teachers across Milton Keynes. Brook trainers focus their session on updating participants' knowledge of contraception and sexual health, and introducing activities they can use with pupils to explore self-esteem. Other local sexual health agencies also contribute to the programme, including Q:alliance (the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender charity for Milton Keynes) and the Chlamydia Screening Office.

Teachers in Milton Keynes can also attend a one-day course entitled Hard to Teach, run by Brook and commissioned by Milton Keynes Council. This training opportunity is free to participants and focuses on techniques for working effectively with pupils who are disruptive in SRE lessons or hard to engage.

Several secondary schools in Milton Keynes also arrange for Brook to give direct input into their SRE programme. The nature of the input is agreed through a service level agreement. At Oakgrove secondary school, SRE is delivered by a team of specialist PSHE education teachers. Brook delivers two sessions: one on contraception and another on STIs to Year 9. To ensure the teachers are equipped to support the learning, Brook runs an hour-and-a-half update training session for teachers in this school once a year. Brook trainers note that their input at this school works well because the quality of SRE delivery by the teachers is good and it is always clear what level the students are at.

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