Chester Schools' Christian Work Self-Assessment in SRE

In the academic year 2010-2011 Chester Schools' Christian Work (CSCW) funded by ACET, a Christian Organisation, instigated a new monitoring and evaluation system that aims to record the impact of each one hour session. At the beginning and end of each session the young people are anonymously polled on two questions, the responses of which record the impact the lesson has had on two specific issues.

The polling is done by simply asking the young person to close their eyes and put their hand in the air making a fist, a statement is read out and if the students agree they are asked to open their hand wide. The sessions start with a few warm up statements and then finish with two statements that directly relate to the aims of that session. This short 2 minute exercise is employed at the start and finish of each session. The SRE worker records down the number of students in the class and the number of students who agree at the start and the end on a standard report form. The forms are used by all our workers and are collected to provide statistics for reporting on the impact of our work.

The statements for each lesson are standardised across all work CSCW do in one year. Each session will use statements that attempt to assess change in attitude and increases in knowledge. The statements are meant to be specific and measurable. For example we would not ask "have you learnt about STIs" but instead ask "Can you name 3 STIs?" to specifically track if their knowledge has increased. Our second question for the Sexually Transmitted Infection session is about how confidence in staying safe has changed. This attempts to monitor what impact our session has had on attitudes.

CSCW have found this exercise a very achievable method of directly monitoring SRE sessions. It is quick enough and easy enough that all workers can be easily trained to employ it and it does not take so much time that it impinges on the core business of providing education. They are continuing to use this method in their work this academic year but are also looking to employ other methods to track long term more detailed results. 

For more information contact: Gareth Cheesman, Sex and Relationship Educator - CSCW (