Healthy Schools Kite-Marking

There has been a kitemark for agencies and partners delivering PSHE in Richmond schools for a long time but this has been completely revamped in the light of Every Child Matters and the Healthy Schools framework.

Jointly run between the local authority and Richmond Youth Service, the kitemarking is a process that has been developed with and for local partners such as the school nursing service and Off the Record, who deliver counselling in schools and support with issues related to sex and relationships.

Those applying for the kitemark complete a grid of actions and cite evidence that supports their application in a similar way to the self-validation process of Healthy Schools. Agencies are then paired up and assess each other under guidance. Criteria include elements such as consulting with the client group, evaluating and assessing outcomes, as well as criteria around delivery in the classroom and confidentiality issues.

Schools working with kite marked agencies are confident in the quality of the delivery to young people.

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This case-study was first published in the Government Office for London SRE core curriculum for London in 2009 and has been updated for publication by the  Sex Education Forum in 2010.