Further Education

This section lists all case-studies about the development of on-site sexual health services and SRE in further education settings.

There are four categories; those about young people's involvement, those describing strategic approaches across local authority area, those about enabling vulnerable young people to access services and those describing initiatives based in individual colleges.

Case-studies about young people's involvement in SRE and sexual health service design, delivery and evaluation  (published March 2011)

West Thames College - involving young people in service development
Student involvement has been key in the development and everyday running of an on-site confidential drop-in centre.  Young people are encouraged to get involved in promoting the service by becoming volunteers.

Learner voice central to support for Leicestershire colleges developing SRE
A dedicated sex and relationships education advisor for further education has been appointed to support colleges in Leicester City and Leicestershire develop their provision. By working across several colleges the advisor is able to show each college what others are doing.

Varied opportunities for youth involvement at Woodhouse College
The college provides students with many opportunties to make a difference and have a voice; peer education, the college council and work done with the charity Envision. 

Peer mentors at Wigan and Leigh College
Wigan and Leigh College have developed a sustained programme of activities with peer mentors who work alongside the college nurses.

Peers educators get the conversation started
A simple but effective peer education model gets students talking about relationships, safer sex, health and well-being at Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC).


Case-studies describing  strategic service development across an area (published January 2010)

Taking a strategic approach to sexual health service development in further education
This briefing sets out the benefits of service provision being coordinated across several colleges within a local authority area and includes case-studies describing the strategic approach taken in five local authority areas. It will be of particular interest to sexual health service commissioners, FE senior leaders and professionals working in FE-based sexual health services.

Outreach service enables access in Worcestershire
Worcestershire PCT run a young people's health service in all FE and sixth form colleges in the county which is complimented by outreach work to vulnerable young people who do not or cannot access mainstream sexual health services.

Leicester and Leicestershire FE Network 
This case study looks at how the Leicester and Leicestershire network identified training needs by consulting with leads from each institution as well as arranging for the support of condom services locally through the Community Safer Sex Proejcts.

College-based sexual health services sustained within a network in southampton
A case study on how Southampton approached sustaining college-based specialist sexual health services within a network of linked health provision from college staff and other multi-agency partners, based on the foundation of young people's participation.

Sexual health outreach services in Croydon colleges
Sexual health outreach services have been set up in all three Croydon colleges and run by the young people's sexual health outreach nurse.

Wigan PCT working strategically to provide sexual health services for all FE pupils 
Services were developed between Public Health (in PCT), FE colleges in Wigan and college nurses.  The strategic working has enabled the services to increase from employing one nurse to three.

Equal opportunity of access to sexual health services for all FE pupils in Gloucestershire
Driven by a key professional with a health remit, Gloucestershire has taken a move to work more strategically when developing sexual health services in further education settings. 

A coordinated approach across Hampshire
This case study charts the progress of the Teeenage Pregnancy Partnership in Hampshire who have taken a cross-county approach to developing sex and relationships education for young people in further education settings.

Staff training across Leicestershire
A thorough and ongoing training programme enables non-medical staff at Loughborough College to run a sexual health drop-in with confidence and competence.

Case-studies about enabling vulnerable young people to access services (published October 2010)

Student advocates promoting positive attitudes to LGBT young people in college
A team of student advocates at an FE college in the North West are very keen to actively address the issue of homophobia and transphobia. Activities have included running a stall during induction week, being a part of 'Staying Safe' week and displaying posters around the college to promote local specialised agencies.

Promoting an inclusive culture
The Sixth Form College, Farnborough, have set up a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), which is a group that supports LGBT students but also welcomes straight students. The GSA has been running for the past two years and the general feel is that that openly gay students do feel well supported.

Student support staff lead on new communication materials for students with learning disabilities
Student support staff at Lincoln College have designed a range of materials addressing relationships and issues around sex for young people with learning disabilities.  Young people with learning disabilities were consulted and as the support staff work closely with them in the college they were well placed to have an honest conversation about what information they needed.

Services on wheels
Blackburn College runs a mobile sexual health service which provides packs with a selection of condoms, lubricant and chlamydia testing kits. The outreach worker is pro-active in talking to all students and has a visible presence walking around the four college sites. 

Health themed coffee mornings for young women and young men
Creating a safe space for young women and young men to talk separately about health and well-being topics helped widen access to the on-site sexual health service at City and Islington Sixth Form College.

Sex and relationship education programme for young people with Asperger Syndrome
A programme developed in South Nottingham College to meet the needs of young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Case-studies describing sexual health service development in individual colleges (published 2007-9)

Chlamydia testing at Middlesbrough College
With the help of student services the local Chlamydia screening programme has run a very effective testing event at Middlesbrough and other colleges in the region.

Condom scheme at Bishop Auckland College
This case-study spells out the costs of running a condom distribution scheme.

Health groups for young people
Describes a young men's health group, a young women's health group, a young LGBT health group and a young parents group at Bishop Auckland College.

Peer mentors help young people to access services
As part of the county-wide condom card scheme Year 12 students at a community high school in Northumberland complement the work of the school nurse. 

Wirral Metropolitan College in collaboration with Wirral PCT
Describes the development of a new service - including a needs assessment which was carried out with young people.

Wigan and Leigh College
When the college set up an on-site sexual health service they developed creative approaches to engaging college staff and students.

Huddersfield Technical College: Choices Centre gets national recognition
Case-study about the winner of the 2007 Pamela Sheridan Award for excellence in Sex and Relationships Education.

Sheffield College: building consensus and support
Charts the development of a confidentiality policy with multi-agency participation.

York College: improving retention and achievement
Describes a nurse-led sexual health drop-in set up on the college site and the education delivered in tutorial by a specialist to improve young people's sexual health knowledge and understanding about the services available.

Inclusive awareness raising at Loughborough College
Young people at Loughborough further education college benefit from a range of enrichment activities that raise awareness about sexual health in a way which is sensitive to diversity.

Sexual health high on the agenda at E2E provider 'Biscom' in Birmingham
An example of a work-based learning provider that has built sexual health into young people's induction programme and developed signposting to local services.  

Getting started!  Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge
This case-study describes the process of setting up a sexual health service from identifying a need for a service right through to launch day in 5 steps.

Three tier referral system at Bridgwater College
By developing links with a local practice the college are able to improve young people's access to health advice and services.

North Devon College
Young people have been accessing sexual health services on the college site for over 14 years and can access a full range of contraception on-site.

No Worries in Wiltshire
Staff and young people at Wiltshire College have trained together so that they can promote better sexual health to students in college.

Camden and Islington: mock visits to local clinics
An effective method of targeting young people attending further education who face particular barriers in accessing sexual health services.