Parents & Children Together Programme (PACT)

A programme was developed in Cornwall with the aim of developing partnerships between school and home, with a particular emphasis on children's personal development aged 8-11 in relation to SRE. Participating parents at 8 intervention schools received weekly lesson plans about the SEAL (social and emotional aspects of learning) curriculum, PSHE, Citizenship and SRE curriculum. A series of nine, weekly, one-hour sessions were delivered by teachers. Parents were given a pack of resources at the start of the programme and each week children took home a 'family chat time' activity. Children and parents were able to record their comments through a 'thought diary' during the duration of the programme. 

The programme was evaluated using pre- and post intervention questionnaires together with material from the thought diaries. Four schools participated as comparison schools to serve as a control. After the intervention, participating parents were more likely to say they frequently discuss a range of topics (including growing up and peer pressure) with their children. Many parents reported better understanding of what was taught at school. Children in the intervention schools rated themselves better on emotional literacy then those in the comparison schools. A few parents (approximately 3%) were less positive; in some cases because they were already used to discussing the topic. Those involved in implementing the programme have noted the potential to apply the programme to other curriculum areas and anticipate benefits to children's educational attainment.

This case-study is a summary of information published in:

Adams, S and others (2010) A novel parent-supported emotional literacy programme for children, Community Practitioner, 2010; 83(8): 27-30.