Prepared for puberty

Prepared for puberty: call for primary school science teachers to take part in pilot project

The Sex Education Forum are calling on primary teachers with a science specialism to take part in a pilot project to improve puberty education.

Ofsted have reported that primary schools often fail to prepare pupils adequately for puberty, and the new National Curriculum makes puberty a requirement in science for Year 5. A team of six teachers are needed to work in partnership with the Sex Education Forum, academics and creative arts practitioners to develop innovative and participatory projects that they will then implement in their schools. Findings from the pilot will be published nationally and a resource developed that will be shared with all schools to support the teaching of puberty education to a high standard.

Teachers should be able to commit to attending a 2-day residential workshop, and to implementing their project using a minimum of 4 hours teaching time over 2 or more sessions in one school term. The teachers will represent 6 different primary schools and will have the opportunity to network with each other through online discussions at the start, middle and end of the project. The involvement of parents and carers will also be key, and each project will end with a show-case event for the school community. Payment will not be made to teachers but the cost of supply cover will be provided.

The Sex Education Forum will support the teachers taking part to be confident champions for puberty education and there will be opportunities for their schools to receive national profile for their participation.

Expressions of interest are needed by 10th October. The expression of interest should confirm:

-   that the Headteacher is committed to the project

-   the address of the school and name of teacher

-   a self-assessment of the quality of existing teaching on puberty (we want to include both schools that rate themselves high and low!) from 'very good, good, OK, bad or very bad'

For further details contact Lucy Emmerson, Coordinator, Sex Education Forum. Email: