Sex & Relationships Education

Primary schools

Consulting pupils about SRE
At Goose Green Primary school teacher Melonie Syrett has gathered the views of her pupils about the SRE programme the school offers.

A new primary scheme of work improves SRE in Croydon
Healthy Schools Croydon developed a new Scheme of Work for Primary SRE that covers reception to Year 6. The Scheme was endorsed by Council Chief Executives and the local primary head teacher's association.

Faith considerations: primary school parents meeting
The Tower Hamlets Healthy Schools Team supported a primary school developing its SRE policy hold a meeting for parents, the majority of which come from the Bangladeshi Muslim community.

Primary school in Blackburn with Darwen reviews SRE policy
With support from the Healthy Schools Team a primary school with a high proportion of South Asian Heritage pupils reviewed their SRE policy and introduced changes to improve provision.

Waltham Forest Primary School, No Outsiders project
Staff of Waltham Forest Primary School recognised that sexual orientation and homophobic bullying were areas of PSHE/SRE they felt least confident in tackling and decided to address the issue across the whole school with the help of the "No Outsiders".

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Secondary schools


Twitter takeover

For a morning in March 2013 the @Sex_Ed_Forum twitter feed was taken over by Year 11 students from Forge Valley Community School, Sheffield. This enabled young people to share their experience of SRE as well as highlighting the benefits of having good SRE lessons to a national audience.

Introducing APAUSE
The Apause programme comprises adult and peer facilitated sessions at Key Stage 3 and 4. It has been guided by collaboration with teachers and health professionals and the insights of young people. This case study was developed as an evaluation of Apause by the Department of Health for Healthy Schools.

SASHES peer education
A structured peer education project based in schools which gives young people the chance to visit a local sexual health service and then pass their learning onto peers.

Learning about sexual health services through Drama
Secondary schools in areas of deprivation in Nottinghamshire have teamed up with Samanya drama company to run workshops for young people exploring relationships and sexual health and to learn about local services.

Tender's Healthy Relationship Education project
Tender have developed a drama-based project that supports young people to look in-depth at relationship issues - an aspect of SRE that is often neglected.

Peer mentors help young people to access services
As part of the county-wide condom card scheme Year 12 students at a community high school in Northumberland complement the work of the school nurse.

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Case-studies about sexual health services in secondary schools



Further education

Health themed coffee mornings for young women and young men
Creating a safe space for young women and young men to talk separately about health and well-being topics helped widen access to the on-site sexual health service at City and Islington Sixth Form College.

Sex and relationship education programme for young people with Asperger Syndrome
A programme developed in South Nottingham College to meet the needs of young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This piece of work was highly commended in the Pamela Sheridan award 2009.

South Thames College: embedding sexual health in the curriculum
Describes a variety of projects which explore sexual health within the college curriculum and engage young people intensively as active participants

Sexual health high on the agenda at E2E provider 'Biscom' in Birmingham
An example of a work-based learning provider that has built sexual health into young people's induction programme and developed signposting to local services.

Huddersfield Technical College: Choices Centre gets national recognition
Case-study about the winner of the 2007 Pamela Sheridan Award for excellence in Sex and Relationships Education.

Camden and Islington: mock visits to local clinics
An effective method of targeting young people attending further education who face particular barriers in accessing sexual health services.

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Case-studies about sexual health services in further education

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Case-studies about Apprenticeship and Foundation Learning settings



Small group SRE / SRE with vulnerable young people

East Sussex Safe Around Sex (SAS) Project
This project provides additional targeted small-group SRE in an informal setting for students who need extra support beyond school SRE lessons.

All different, All beautiful - Brook Wirral SRE programme
Brook Wirral have developed a 5-day SRE programme that is run in small groups and prioritises vulnerable young people aged over 13. Joint winner of the Pamela Sheridan Award 2010.

Teenage pregnancy prevention programme (TP3)
'TP3' is a 6-8 week SRE programme suitable for a range of settings, which is being implemented in a number of schools and pupil referral units in Croydon.

SRE project for teenage mothers
The Sexual Health Project for vulnerable young people at NHS South West Essex Community Services won the national Pamela Sheridan award for excellence in SRE in 2009. The project worked with eight homeless teenage mothers on issues of self esteem and sexual health.

Working creatively with vulnerable young people - using football to engage young men in SRE 'Scored project'
This case-study explores the award winning 'Scored project', developed by the Young People's Health Project in East Birmingham, which uses football training as a method to engage young men in sex and relationships education (SRE).


Strategic / whole system approaches

Shropshire Respect Yourself Improving RSE - Whole System Approach
The Shropshire Respect Yourself Improving RSE Programme was the winner of the Pamela Sheridan Innovation in SRE Award 2012.

How Barnsley Council has supported sustainable improvements in SRE
Barnsley drugs, alcohol, relationships and sexual health programme is an integrated, multi-faceted, evidence based programme of work and is the 2011 winner of the FPA Pamela Sheridan Award for excellence in SRE.

Healthy Schools kite-marking
The Richmond local authority and Youth Service developed a kitemark for agencies and partners delivering PSHE.

Scrutiny review of SRE in Birmingham
The quality of SRE across the city was raised as an issue by youth representatives on the Children and Education Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The review process led to a set of recommendations and has put SRE clearly on the Council agenda.

Faith considerations - writing SRE guidance
Tower Hamlets local authority decided to produce local guidelines for schools on the teaching of sex and relationships including information about the attitudes of the major faith groups represented in the borough.

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Resources, teaching methods and training

Sense Interactive CDs - The Welsh Initiative
Sense Interactive Ltd has produced a range of CDs on 'Sex and Relationships' and 'Growing Up and Keeping Safe' for Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4. The CDs are in over 25% of secondary schools in England and Scotland and 100% of schools in Wales.

Core Curriculum for SRE
The Government Office for London has produced a Core Curriculum for SRE. This resource includes suggested schemes of work from Foundation stage to Year 11 and case-studies from several London boroughs.

Teacher training model sustains improvement to school SRE
The Christopher Winter Project (CWP) has developed a practical and convenient model of in-class teacher training that is carried out entirely within the school site and school time.

The Christopher Winter Project
Over 90% of Hackney schools have chosen to participate in the Christopher Winter Project, which provides them with skilled professional support, including team teaching.

Sex FM
Sex FM is a forum theatre production that addresses themes such as teenage pregnancy and relationships and enables young people to rehearse their negotiation and communication skills.

'Kiss & Tell' from the Little Fish Theatre Company
Kiss and Tell is a theatre in education programme that aims to offer intervention and prevention strategies to help reduce the incidence of unwanted sexual contact and sexual bullying amongst young people.

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