‘Kiss & Tell’ from the Little Fish Theatre Company

The 'Kiss & Tell' performance and workshop was researched & developed through a 10 week workshop programme. The project aims to offer intervention and prevention strategies to help reduce the incidence of unwanted sexual contact and sexual bullying amongst young people.

'Kiss & Tell' is a 25 minute trigger piece followed by a 45 minute interactive workshop. The workshop gives the young people the opportunity to examine the multitude of thoughts and pressures each character may have felt that led them to the scenario explored in the piece.

This production aimed to explore:
• Power and control within relationships and sexual bullying.
• What is consent?
• Sex and the law, specifically in relation to age of consent and filming sexual acts on mobile phones.
• Gender stereotyping.
• Media influences and pressures on young people to become sexualized
• Empowering choice and young people's understanding of their sexual rights.

This production is aimed at years 9 -11. The company chose a 75-minute slot with a 25 minute performance (trigger) and 45 minute workshop to cover the complex issues raised in the piece. The workshop is discussion-based but also allows the audience to redirect the focal scene just before the sexual acts take place. This takes the form of coaching, allowing the young people to direct the characters' actions and words to create a more positive outcome. The facilitators/actors encourage honest and engaged participation.

The programme ran in Wandsworth, Southwark and Bexley, and was commissioned by the Big Lottery Fund with some matched funding from Southwark Community Safety, Wandsworth Health Schools and London Connexions.

For further information contact: alex@littlefishtheatre.co.uk or visit their website.

This case-study was first published in the Government Office for London SRE core curriculum for London in 2009 and has been updated for publication by the  Sex Education Forum in 2010.