Core Curriculum for SRE

The Government Office for London produced a Core Curriculum for SRE in 2009. The development of this resource was informed by a consultation event which was attended by representatives from all London boroughs. The resource includes:

  • Suggested schemes of work from Foundation stage to Year 11 with signposts to detailed lesson plans
  • Suggestions for improvements to assessment, monitoring and evaluation of SRE
  • Links to organisations and resources that support the delivery of SRE in schools
  • A number of case studies illustrating a range of approaches to SRE across London

The resource was originally made available on the Young London Matters web-site. It is no longer available from this location.

The schemes of work can now be accessed from the curriculum design section of the Sex Education Forum web-site.

Several case-studies originally published in the Core Curriculum resource are now available from the practice section of the Sex Education Forum web-site. Click on the London region from the England map.