Sense Interactive CDs – The Welsh Initiative

Sense Interactive Ltd has produced a range of CDs on 'Sex and Relationships' and 'Growing Up and Keeping Safe' for Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4. The CDs are in over 25% of secondary schools in England and Scotland and 100% of schools in Wales.

Sense Interactive Ltd does not simply supply the resources but also provides tailor-made SRE (and PSHE/PSE Education) training programmes for teachers, school nurses and support staff in both primary and secondary schools.

Participants learn how to develop and deliver good quality SRE, how to answer tricky questions as well as how to use the Sense CDs and the accompanying lesson ideas.

The approach to SRE in Wales
Two of the Sense Interactive CDs have been funded by the Welsh Government as bilingual resources and have been distributed to all schools in Wales thus providing a coherent policy towards SRE education in Welsh schools.

"Train the Trainers" sessions were delivered to 150 teachers, trainers and school nurses who were trained in delivering the CDs. These trainers then in turn, trained teachers in their local schools ensuring a consistent and coherent approach. The feedback to these teaching resources has been outstanding. After every training session feedback forms have been distributed and the results collated.

Evidence of the impact of the programme on participants:
Due to the success of the first CD, a second bilingual CD was commissioned. The Sense Interactive training programme has subsequently been rolled out to the majority of Primary and Secondary schools in Wales. In Swansea alone, the Healthy School Scheme has trained almost 100 schools. Training sessions provide schools with information on how the CDs enhance all aspects of the Wales PSE curriculum for primary schools and for delivering effective Personal Development and Relationships Education for secondary schools. Written evaluation is undertaken after each training session, feedback has been exemplary.

Following the introduction of the Sense Interactive CDs, it is evidenced through the Welsh Network of Healthy Schools Scheme assessment process that children and young people are more informed about sex and relationships, personal safety and growing up. This is due to a multi faceted approach and using Sense was a part of this approach.

Sense Interactive complements wider PSHE/SRE delivered in the school.

The CDs help to ensure a whole school approach as well as consistency and continuity within and between schools especially in transition from Primary to Secondary school.

In one area a Senior Healthy Schools Practitioner set up a working group of secondary teachers and mapped out the content of the 'Sex and

Relationships' CD in order to ensure SRE was delivered across the curriculum. She has also developed a secondary school resource utilising the CDs to enable school nurses to use their expertise in delivering in-depth information on contraception and sexual health.

In another area, a comprehensive toolkit for primary school teachers has been produced incorporating and building upon the Sense resource. 100 teachers have been trained in using this resource 'A whole school approach to personal development and relationships education' using the Sense Key Stage 1 and 2 CD's, with support from School Health Nurses and other health and youth workers.

Teachers comments on Sense CD and training


  • Wonderful resource covers a wide range of issues.  Characters are lovely - children can relate to them easily.  Lesson plans have good extension ideas.
  • I heard so much about SENSE & it is great - I feel I can use it for many different aspects within the curriculum.
  • The resource is excellent and will be used to support the PSE framework in our school.
  • Resource proved to be versatile and sensitive to the needs of different pupils.

Future continuation and sustainability:

There are hopes to expand the use of the primary CD by developing additional supporting resources, e.g. producing 'body boards' for the Wales Foundation Phase curriculum on naming parts of the body and a format for discussing appropriate and inappropriate touching. They are also looking at developing interactive workbooks, using characters from the Sense CDs which discuss, conception, how the baby grows in the uterus and birth. This will also be used by schools to encourage parental involvement in SRE.

Key Features:

  • Appeal to children and teachers alike.
  • Address key principles of best practice in PSHE education.
  • Helpful and well researched guidance leaflets.
  • The 'Talking Heads' address a variety of pupil based issues.
  • The children interviewed are real, unscripted and un-rehearsed.
  • Tried and tested lesson ideas addressing all topics covered in the CDs.

Sense Interactive - The Welsh Initiative was a finalist for the 2012 Pamela Sheridan Award for Innovation in SRE. 

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