Sex FM

Sex FM is a forum theatre production. It has been successfully touring schools across Enfield since 2000 as part of a SRE programme within the PSHE framework. In Enfield it is based on a partnership between the local authority, the PCT and Face Front- a local inclusive theatre company. A teaching pack with pre and post performance sessions to support SRE teaching in schools is provided with in-school training offered to prepare for the performance.

In the maze of peer pressure and media misinformation the aim is to challenge the fiction and reveal the facts. Most importantly the aim is to provide an entertaining forum for young people to rehearse their negotiation and communication skills so they can make informed, responsible and healthy choices allowing them the opportunity to consider issues relating to self esteem, peer pressure and stereotypes.

The performance uses two short stories. One focuses on teenage pregnancy and the other story on sexually transmitted infections. The stories are acted out in their entirety, and then replayed as forum theatre with young people stepping in to stop the action at different points suggesting different outcomes or decisions to be made by the actors. This enables the students to take the lead in trying out different options and exploring consequences, with the aim of finding ways to achieve more positive outcomes.

Young peoples evaluation comments following the performance include:

The play made me think differently about not rushing into sex - M14
That you can get help from a variety of places - F14
Don't be pressurised into doing things you don't want to do - F14
I liked the parts where they covered real life problems - F14
More comfortable when talking about sex - F13
I felt normal - M14
Sexually transmitted infections and how easy it is to get it - M14

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For further information about contact:
Una Archer
Curriculum Access Strategy Manager

Visit Face Front Inclusive Theatre to find out more.

This case-study was first published in the Government Office for London SRE core curriculum for London in 2009 and has been updated for publication by the  Sex Education Forum in 2010.