Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Programme (TP3)

NHS Croydon and local partners developed a Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Programme (TP3).

TP3 is a programme designed to enable Schools, PRUs and non-school settings to contribute to the reduction of local teenage conceptions and STIs.

It aims to promote good practice in Sex Relationship Education (SRE) and to set a standard of delivering consistent messages to the young people involved in the programme.

TP3 offers a holistic approach to SRE that gives young people the opportunity to learn about themselves and to think about the relationships they want to enjoy as adults.  Young people are also given clear information, so that they can make informed choices about how to enjoy their relationships safely.

TP3 can take up to 8 sessions per group.  The programme is flexible and can be expanded upon and adapted to emphasise any particular needs that young people may have. 

Flexible 6 - 8 week Programme

•         Week 1 - Getting to know each other
•         Week 2 - Me and relationships
•         Week 3 - Positive about me
•         Week 4 - Choices in my life
•         Week 5 - Pregnancy and parenthood
•         Week 6 -  Staying safe when sexually active (Part 1)
•         Week 7 - Staying safe when sexually active (Part 2)
•         Week 8 - Let's do it my way

TP3 has been  delivered to young people in a range of settings.

Targeted Schools

Secondary schools which fall into high teenage pregnancy wards, where conception rate per 1000 is 49% and above.

  • All PRUs are encouraged to deliver this programme as part of the PSHE programme.
  • Some schools which fall out of this criterion  run the programme with identified targeted groups.


Non-School Settings

Non-school settings are uniquely placed in the community to provide young people with the skills, knowledge, confidence and aspirations in an informal learning environment.   TP3 has been integrated as part of a planned programme, for example with young people not in education, training or employment.  The programme can be easily adapted to meet the particular needs of the young people involved. 

Before the programme starts, a member of the Teenage Pregnancy Team  meets with the relevant staff member to have an informal discussion about the needs of the group.  At this meeting agreement is made around which activities and resources are most appropriate.  The Teenage Pregnancy Team then draw up a tailor-made version of the TP3 Programme for the young people they will be working with.

The idea of the programme is that a member of the Teenage Pregnancy Team delivers the first programme along with an interested member/s of staff in order for the programme to be sustained and rolled out successfully within the school or non - school setting. The Teenage Pregnancy Team  then continue to support and maintain the programme.

Roll Out

This programme is now in the process of being rolled out in various settings including Pupil Referral Units, schools and non-school settings.  Children's Universal Services (includes School Nurses and Health Visitors) and Learning Mentors are involved with the delivery.  From the beginning of the programme over 700 young people have benefited from the programme.

For further information contact:
Kerry Addison                                                          
SRE Training & Development Specialist
020 8274 6396

Chris Thompson
Sexual Health Outreach Worker
020 8274 6257

Comments from young people involved:
'I like the plan of 6 weeks as I thought it would be a 1 off session, it gives time for us to settle with the fact that we will be learning about sex and relationships.'

'My favourite part of the programme was how to say no, because it is very easy to be put under pressure.  This has built upon my confidence to say no to things I don't want to do.'

'I thought the past 6 weeks of PSHE have been rather informative.  I have learnt a lot.  The teacher has been really friendly, nice and taught us all really well.  I really enjoyed the lessons because it was made fun.  I think my classmates and I went with the class rules so that's a well done!  I liked making the flower of self-qualities.'

  'After completing the programme, it has made me realise that I am not ready for sex.  I feel better about myself and want to achieve things, like go to university, before settling down to have a family'   

'This has made me realise, that I am not ready to be a dad.  I will be more responsible now.'

Comment from a teacher involved:
'My students really enjoyed the sessions we had on Sex Education.

The content of the sessions was very appropriate for the age of the students and very thorough, covering self-esteem issues, peer pressure, contraception, pregnancy and STIs. The students felt comfortable to participate in discussions and to ask questions and generally behaved in a mature fashion. They understood that sex is much more than just an act and it involves feelings and self-confidence. I feel it has been a really positive experience and I hope it will have a very positive impact on the girls development and in the way they understand relationships, love and sex.'

This case-study was first published in the Government Office for London SRE core curriculum for London in 2009 and has been updated for publication by the  Sex Education Forum in 2010.