Young people take over our Twitter account!

@Sex_Ed_Forum Twitter Takeover by year 11 students



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'Sex education is important for young people as without it they could be in a mess. We are now, after 5 years, familiar with contraception and how to stay safe. We know that everybody is different and it makes us feel comfortable with our own bodies. Without sex education, we wouldn't be aware of STIs. We know where to go for help and information. We have learned all kinds of things about healthy relationships. Our teachers have taught us to think for ourselves and apply our learning to real-life scenarios to do with relationships and sex.'

By year 11 students Josh Tallis and Heather Bower, Forge Valley School


On the 14th March 2013 @Sex_Ed_Forum twitter feed was taken over by Year 11 students from Forge Valley Community School, Sheffield. The evnet was part of our 'Sex Education Matters' campaign and enabled young people to discuss their experience of SRE and what they learnt, as well as highlighting the benefits of having good SRE lessons in school. We also targeted questions in tweets directly to MP's, especially those that had recently been involved in the Westminster Hall debate on PSHE.

Promplty at 10.45am the Year 11 students Josh and Katie started tweeting statements about their own and their peers experience of SRE using the hashtag #SexEdMatters. Within minutes our twitter followers began to engage with the young people asking them questions, retweeting their statements and answers - you could feel the excitement growing in the room as Josh and Katie realised that people were listening to them and were actually interested in what they had to say.

We checked to see which MPs on our hit list were currently tweeting and the young people began directing questions at these MP's. Nick Clegg was tweeting throughout the morning and as he had visited their school recently the students were keen to hear his opinions and views on SRE, however he did not respond and neither did the other MPs such as Diane Abbott.

The time went extremely fast and when we tweeted that we only had 10 minutes left the students and the teacher stated they wanted to continue for longer as they totally enjoyed the experience. The young people in particular enjoyed being asked questions and seeing their response being retweeted, favourited and our twitter follower numbers increase.


Below is a snapshot of the conversations but if you would like to read them in full please vist storify: