Sexual Health Services in Secondary Education

This section lists all case-studies about school-based sexual health services. Case-studies with a strategic focus are listed first followed by case-studies with a more practical focus on the issues.

Case-studies with a strategic focus

Development of on-site sexual health services in Northumberland schools
Young people across Northumberland are learning about using services in sex and relationships education - and in several schools can see a nurse on-site to get one-to-one advice and a full range of contraception options.

THinK centres in Knowsley
'THinK' in a box is run in several secondary schools and pupil referral units across Knowsley offering a range of health and sexual health services.

Strategic approach to service development in Derby
High level strategic support has been secured in Derby for the development of on-site health services in secondary schools.

Securing senior support for school-based health services
Explains how the Children's Trust has provided a central focus to bring together partners from the primary care trust and local authority.

'Time4U' service for young people across Worcestershire

Development since 1994 of a consistent brand which offers a young-person centred service in a range of settings including schools, colleges and youth centres across Worcestershire. 

Brook outreach in Bristol schools
Specialised sexual health services are provided by Brook in Bristol's schools and colleges. The independent evaluation of this service can also be accessed through this case-study.

Case-studies focused on practicalities

Strictly Confidential: Lutterworth College [PDF 2.2MB] 
Presentation delivered at a Sex Education Forum Conference on schools and sexual health services, March 2009.

Health Services in Wirral Secondary Schools [PDF 2.6MB]
Presentation delivered at a Sex Education Forum Conference on schools and sexual health services, May 2009.

Peer mentors help young people to access services
As part of the county-wide condom card scheme Year 12 students at a community high school in Northumberland complement the work of the school nurse.

A sea-change in Hull schools: better services for young people
Young people in Hull said they wanted better access to sexual health services in and out of school and better education about sex and relationships. Through extension of the school nurse service this has been made possible in the majority of Hull schools.

Taking pride in school health services in Wakefield
Explains the step-by-step process of setting up school-based health services in Wakefield and the way in which three schools have developed their service.

Learning about sexual health services through drama
Secondary schools in areas of deprivation in Nottinghamshire have teamed up with Samanya drama company to run workshops for young people exploring relationships and sexual health and to learn about local services

The practicalities of running Time4U in a Worcestershire school
Opening hours, service promotion and ongoing management and review are some of the practical issues for on-site services in education settings that are explored in this case-study.

North Staffordshire: Clinic in a box
Describes a mobile sexual health service that operates in 18 high schools in North Staffordshire.

SASHES peer education
A structured peer education project based in schools which gives young people the chance to visit a local sexual health service and then pass their learning onto peers.

A multi-pronged approach to the well-being of students at Kidbrooke School including a confidential forum for one-to-one discussions with health professionals.