Time 4 U Service Across Worcestershire

Since 1994 a consistent brand called 'Time4U' has been developed across Worcestershire which offers a young-person centred service in a range of settings including schools, colleges and youth centres. 

The minimum offer at each Time4U is:

· Information and support on any issue: including careers, stress, smoking, diet
· Pregnancy and Chlamydia testing
· Free contraception and condoms
· Referral to specialist services

Staff delivering the Time4U service vary and can include: Connexions Workers, SPACE Workers, Youth Workers, Sexual Health Nurses, Doctors, School Nurses, Community Workers and Millennium Volunteers. 

A member of staff dedicated to the coordination and management of the Time4U Service has been in place since 1995 funded through the PCT sexual health budget. The Service Manager is responsible for the development, management and evaluation of the Time4U service. They regularly meet with the Youth Service Manager and Connexions manager and maintain communications with other relevant agencies.

The Time 4U at Hanley Castle School was given the 'Beacon Primary Care Service' award in 1999 by the Department of Health, and was awarded some funding to promote the model. There was a slow uptake in Worcestershire at first but as the brand became known and trusted other schools in the area wanted the service too. 13 secondary schools now have the service on-site out of a total of 25 Time4U services in a range of settings. New schools are brought on board by making a presentation to the Head and Senior management team, governors and parents. We also ask young people if they would like a service and what they want on offer.

Funding for each Time4U varies and sources include Teenage Pregnancy funding, Local Development Plan funding, Targeted Youth Support and Extended Schools. The Time4U services in further education colleges are paid for by the college.

For further information contact:
Kim Tanner, Time4U Service Manager,
Email: kim.tanner@nhs.net

TIME 4U: Drop-in Services for Young People in Worcestershire Secondary Schools [PDF 4.3MB]
Presentation delivered at a Sex Education Forum Conference on schools and sexual health services, March 2009.