One-to-One help available

One-to-one help available

Teachers need to be prepared to refer pupils for one-to-one help after SRE lessons if necessary. Expert help from a trained professional, such as a school nurse, should ideally be available and learning about where pupils can get help should be included within the curriculum.

Targeted SRE for small groups of children and young people, provided by trained professionals or support staff can make it easier for some children and young people to participate and can help to address health inequalities.

Key questions


Is a record made of pupils absent from SRE lessons with follow up provided?


Are pupils told about one-to-one support available after lessons?


Do pupils understand the confidentiality policy?


Is there an on-site health facility that pupils can drop-in to for confidential advice (including about sexual health)?


Are pupils aware of relevant local and national help-lines and services?


 Do all school staff understand the confidentiality policy and how to refer pupils to health services and other specialist help?


 Is there a need for small group or one-to-one SRE for some pupils?


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Developing on-site sexual health services in secondary education: a resource pack (2009) - Lucy Emmerson [E-Book] Confidentiality: promoting young people's sexual health and well-being in secondary schools  (2007) [PDF 459KB] Involving young people in teenage pregnancy and sexual work: a practical guide (2006) Ellie Lewis [Book]
enabling vyp a strategic approach meeting sre needs
Enabling vulnerable young people to access FE-based sexual health services (2010) [PDF 575KB] Taking a strategic approach to sexual health service development in further education (2010) [PDF 668KB] Meeting the SRE and sexual health needs of young people attending Apprenticeship and Foundation Learning (2010) [PDF 1.1MB]