Partnership with parents and carers

Partnership with parents and carers

From early years upwards parents welcome information about the teaching materials used and the topics covered in SRE with suggestions for how they can take an active role and follow up at home. Homework tasks and feedback on pupil progress provide opportunities for dialogue about SRE between children, parents and carers and school.


Key questions


Is the school pro-active in communicating with parents and carers about SRE?


Are parents and carers given support with their SRE role at home?


Are the views of parents and carers about SRE regularly sought?


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Parents Publication
Includes 7 activities that can be used in workshops with parents or as the basis for a school survey. The toolkit comes complete with homework ideas that involve parents in SRE and photocopiable leaflets.
Download free samples from 'Let's work together': Why work together and Quick survey

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Understanding SRE talk to your children

Faith, Values & SRE


Understanding sex and relationships education(2010) [PDF 896 KB]

Talk to your children about sex and relationships: support for parents [PDF 58KB] (Factsheet 31, 2003) Faith, Values and Sex & Relationships Education (2002) Simon Blake and Zarine Katrak (Book)