Growing Up Safe

Growing Up Safe (Primary)


This one-day training is an opportunity for primary teachers and SRE/PSHE leads to gain the skills, competence and confidence to deliver a curriculum that is pro-active in safeguarding children and aligned with legislation and the latest guidance; particularly the expectation that schools should teach about safeguarding, outlined in the updated statutory safeguarding guidance which comes into effect from 5 September 2016. To grow up safe, opportunities need to be created in the curriculum to teach about caring relationships, recognising safe vs unwanted touch, safety online and understanding when and how to get help.

This vital area of learning contributes to prevention of abuse and can result in earlier reporting – as evidenced by the Cochrane review (2015) and NSPCC (2015). It supports the development of safe, equal and enjoyable relationships and pupils' understanding of their own bodies and how to keep them healthy.  

The training will be practical and interactive, with opportunities to try a wide range of tools and resources, reflect on values and attitudes and share experiences with colleagues.   

Participants will:

  • Consider the sex and relationships education (SRE) needs of primary age pupils
  • Clarify understanding of relevant legislation and requirements
  • Identify how particular issues such as appropriate/inappropriate touch, bodily rights, preparation for puberty and getting help, can be addressed within a planned programme of SRE
  • Assess the value of a selection of resources to support teaching on these issues
  • Develop understanding of good practice in SRE


Participant feedback

“I feel more confident now that I have a bank of ideas and resources”

“I have greater understanding of what consent involves - not just sexual.”


Booking information 

To commission this training, please contact Polly Haste, Sex Education Forum training lead

Tel: 0207 843 6007