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Achieve is passionate about making education accessible. In September 2020, we released a whole school, spiral style, age appropriate resource package aimed at delivering RSHE to learners aged 11-16.We are the leading educational resource provider for vocational qualifications; supplying, high-quality, online content to help schools deliver a broad and balanced curriculum for all learners, whilst reducing teacher workload.

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We provide an online RSHE package which is matched to the new mandatory guidance and is endorsed by nationally recognised, awarding body CACHE. RSHE by iAchieve provides a teaching framework for years 7-11.

We are delighted to have partnered with SEF; their desire for comprehensive, inclusive and high quality RSHE aligns with our company purpose. This partnership validates a standard of quality to our resources. SEF provide an invaluable source of accurate information on legislation and guidance. They have created a wonderful community of partners and members with one joint ethos.


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