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iSpace Wellbeing

The iSpace and #iWonder offer an exciting and whole school approach to mental fitness and wellbeing education. Our curriculums provide an age appropriate framework including who and how to ask for help, and a common language which encourages conversations about mental, emotional, social and physical wellness to become part of everyday school and home life. 

The curriculums provide a proactive, progressive and preventative approach to mental health and wellbeing; supporting schools in achieving the Government’s 2020 Mental Health, Relationships and Sex Education requirements. Schools can embrace our curriculums with complete confidence as part of PSHE and SHE.

Our curriculums are supported by CPD accredited online training which is available to teachers as and when they need it.  We can also provide personalised training for schools to support implementation. 

We also offer workshops for various audiences around mental resilience and other topics including self-harm.  The training is geared to the specific audience including:  Head Teachers, teachers, SENCO/Wellbeing Leads, parents and pupils.  These can be delivered online or in person.