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It happens...

It happens...Let's talk about it Formerly Alexandra Fryer RSE. Alexandra Fryer and Amy Forbes-Robertson provide educational talks, workshops and training sessions for students, teachers and parents. We work with a diverse range of schools, Yr 5 – Yr 13, across the whole UK. Whether it's puberty or pornography, sexting or STIs, contraception or consent, festivals or freshers week that you're worried about; we can help your school navigate this tricky terrain. 

Our sessions are straight-talking, open and honest. We take the awkwardness out of these sensitive topics so that young people really hear us and are able to ask the many questions they have – in a safe space.

Alex and Amy work closely with your curriculum and pastoral teams to support and extend the RSE and PSHE work you are already doing. Outside speakers play a huge role in Relationship & Sex Education (RSE); a different voice delivering up-to-date and relevant information really can help young people make better choices so avoid emotional and physical harm.
We don’t tell them NOT to do these things. We admit ‘it happens… so let’s talk about it’.