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METRO Charity

METRO works with schools, colleges and other education providers to deliver relationships and sex education (RSE) workshops for children and young people. We train teachers, staff, youth workers and other professionals on current guidelines on relationships and sex education and how to deliver lessons effectively. We also work with parents and carers to increase understanding of RSE. Our workshops are a safe space to explore sexual health, the body, consent, gender identity, sexuality, porn, sexting and staying safe online. 

What we offer:


- Young people's sexual health; RSE; SOGI


- SOGI; young people's sexual health; HIV prevention and support; HIV peer support; HIV family support


- 1) Sexual health advice helpline, focusing on services in Greenwich, Bexley, and south-west London 2) Get It: Get It is a free & confidential service, facilitated by METRO, for young people to access condoms and/or Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea testing kits dependent on their location; Kent, Medway, Wandsworth, Richmond or Merton.


RSE service information:

We support SEF's ambition to improve the quality of relationship and sex education for all young people in England.