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Moral Choices

Moral Choices  is a digital learning platform that centres on relationships and consent, for students aged 13 to 18.

Moral Choices’ first course Positive Relationships explores relationships, consent, and social media use. These complex issues are divided into constructive topic areas, endorsing respect and responsibility.

Positive Relationships has been developed as a digital RSE and PSHE resource, and is accompanied by a teacher led presentation. The developers consulted UK PSHE and RSE government outlines including the most recent Ofsted report, as well as guidance from UKCIS and the NSPCC.

Feedback from RSE organisation Split Banana has stated that Moral Choices is a ‘unique’ and ‘valuable resource for students to have in their pockets’, that features ‘a balanced approach to power dynamics within situations of consent’.

What students will learn from this course

  • Identify constructive and destructive behaviours
  • Develop healthy relationships
  • Be informed on consent, and be able to discuss consent with others
  • Ascertain and communicate their boundaries effectively
  • Consider their personal and behavioural boundaries
  • Feel confident using social media and internet in a safe way
  • Work out their own boundaries on privacy and social media use
  • Know what to do if they witness or experience harassment
  • Feel secure in the knowledge of their rights and responsibilities