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Safe Lives

We work with organisations across the UK to transform the response to domestic abuse. We want what you would want for your best friend. We listen to survivors, putting their voices at the heart of our thinking. We look at the whole picture for each individual and family to get the right help at the right time to make families everywhere safe and well. And we challenge perpetrators to change, asking ‘why doesn’t he stop?’ rather than ‘why doesn’t she leave?’ This applies whatever the gender of the victim or perpetrator and whatever the nature of their relationship.’

RSE work

We are running a 12-month research project until Autumn 2022, funded by Treebeard Trust, exploring how secondary schools are finding the delivery of the new Relationships and Sex Education curriculum. We are running surveys, interviews and focus groups across England, and we want to understand what challenges teaching staff may be facing and highlight best practice, as well as consult with young people about whether the curriculum is enhancing their understanding of healthy relationships. The final report will be published in Autumn 2022 and hopes to influence policy and practice.

If you would like to know more about the Treebeards Research Project, please contact: [email protected]

If you are teacher who delivers some RSE in schools in England and would like to complete the survey, click here to complete the survey. Open until 1st June 2022.