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Vicky Stubbs PSHE

Dr Vicky Stubbs offers RSE/PSHE consultancy services, training and talks for schools. With a background in Biology as well as considerable experience in teaching and running RSE and PSHE programmes, Vicky can provide guidance with curriculum and policy development, pupil voice and staff training for more confident and effective teaching. She can also create and deliver talks and workshops for pupils on a wide range of topics such as puberty and changes in the brain, sexual consent, fertility and the menopause. 

One of the Department for Education's expert teachers assisting with the development of new RSE guidance in 2022, Vicky also won the SEF Educator of the Year 2022 (Innovation) for her adaptation of a Bystander Intervention programme aimed at shifting problematic attitudes towards sexism and sexual violence.  She has contributed to the National Education Union's new toolkit for preventing sexism and sexual harassment in schools and has worked with NHS consultants, charities and other clients to create bespoke resources that can be used to teach young people about various aspects of health and wellbeing.

Contact: [email protected]