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RSE and Preparing for Adulthood

25 June 2021

How does RSE relate to the Preparing for Adulthood outcomes? How do we frame the teaching that we offer learners with SEND to enable them to have safe and fulfilling sexual relationships when they are old enough and ready? How do we support young people with SEND to navigate their personal and intimate relationships, so they can enjoy their sexuality without harm? 

Love, partners, marriage, babies… it’s such a fundamental part of our life. Long before children understand how babies are made or what it means to form an intimate relationship, commitment and love are out there in our children’s aspirations for the future. “When I grow up I want to…” is a phrase filled with such promise, and yet for some who may have aspired to this when they were young people, it has been an unachievable dream. 

Research by Mencap (2005) found that whilst around 70% of the general adult population live as a couple with their partner, only 3% of people with a learning disability. Some of the reasons for this jarring disparity included social isolation, inadequate understanding and skills, a lack of privacy, and an imbalanced focus on risks rather than rights for people with additional needs or disabilities.  

Our 2 hour short-course, delivered as an online webinar explores how RSE can be used to embed messages relating to independent living and preparing for adulthood outcomes, supporting young people with SEND to gain independence, and navigate their personal and social relationships safely. The course includes activities around developing a meaningful curriculum, with practical advice on how to approach key topics such as consent and condoms, and examples of activities that you can deliver in your own classroom. 


“an informative, well-structured workshop” 

“Rachael gave some great ideas to take away to apply to my own setting” 

“informative and covered what I needed to know” 

This course is ideal for SENCOs, RSE and PSHE subject leads, senior leaders with subject responsibility for the subject, and class teachers delivering RSE to learners with unique learning needs. The session is popular with teachers of learners in Key stage 3, 4 and 5, who are delivering Preparing for Adulthood outcomes, but is also very helpful for teachers working with key stage 2, who are incorporating PfA messages and developing learners’ aspirations for their adult life through their RSE work.  

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