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Outside the Box

Outside the Box is an early intervention programme to prevent child sexual exploitation. It is delivered through an eight-session, personal development course, with a specific focus on sex and relationships. The facilitator pack has been designed for practitioners working 1:1, or with small groups of vulnerable young people, in schools or youth settings.

Outside the Box is a structured, evidence-based programme developed by the Sex Education Forum with funding from Comic Relief. The resource pack was piloted with a wide range of young people and education professionals and has been independently evaluated. 

Facilitator training

The Outside the Box facilitator training course runs over two-days and is for professionals who have experience of working with vulnerable young people. The training is practical and hands-on, and participants will have the chance to practice their facilitation skills with their peers.

Training outcomes:

  • Develop knowledge, confidence and skills to deliver a structured support programme using Outside the box
  • Increase awareness of best practice in sex and relationship education with vulnerable young people
  • Gain practical knowledge of strategies for delivering the resource in different settings
  • Be aware of a range of models for assessing impact
  • Develop understanding of inclusion issues and safeguarding considerations

To commission Outside the Box facilitator training in-house please contact:

Polly Haste
Training Lead
Sex Education Forum 

Tel: 0207 843 6000


Participant feedback

“I thought the training was wonderful, and now feel more confident in tackling a wide variety of issues“  

“Really enjoyable and informative. Good pace and lots of experiential work which is great!“

“I am really excited about getting stuck in to new activities. I really liked the way the activities facilitated young people to explore and find their own solution as part of the developmental process"

“The training has given me so many new ideas on presentation and styles. I am hoping to use this in my role with in small groups and 1:1"      


Outside the Box was independently evaluated in summer 2015. 

“Professionals praised the training and felt it was extremely effective. Even experienced people, very accustomed to delivering group sessions with young people, reported benefitting from the course and especially from the opportunity to practice presenting the programme and get peer feedback. Networking and getting stimulation from others in this specialist field were also much appreciated.”

Course details 

The Outside the Box facilitator training course runs over two-days and is for professionals who have experience of working with vulnerable young people and some basic knowledge of sex and relationships issues. The training aims to enable practitioners to be more confident in engaging young people in discussions about sexually exploitative relationships and to practice using Outside the Box, with opportunities for feedback.
The programme was created with the participation of a group of young people and consultation with professionals that work with young people at a higher risk of sexual exploitation.

Outside the Box has three guiding principles:

  • That messages about sex, relationships, attractiveness, and gender often do not reflect reality and can give young people confusing, and sometimes harmful, messages about what is ‘normal’
  • That building young people’s self-esteem and confidence is a foundation for them being able to enjoy healthy sex and relationships
  • That young people need to be equipped with the vocabulary and skills to recognise and negotiate the many pressures they face, and avoid being sexually exploited or exploiting others.

The programme aims to:

  • Reduce risky behaviour among vulnerable young people
  • Equip young people to identify and manage safe boundaries in relationships, by increasing their level of awareness of what constitutes a respectful/abusive relationship and confidence to negotiate safe boundaries within relationships
  • Increase understanding among vulnerable young people of their rights within sexual relationships
  • Augment young people’s awareness and ability to identify individuals and organisations they can approach for help locally
  • Assist practitioners to more easily identify young people at risk and provide targeted support
  • Enable practitioners to be more confident in engaging young people in discussions about sexually exploitative relationships

Outside the Box is:

Suitable for use with small groups of young people aged 11+

Ideal to use with young people at higher risk of sexual exploitation

Eight workshop sessions and a pre-assessment tool that you run with your young people.

If you are working with young people at risk this programme will be very valuable, it enables discussion about a wide range of interconnected personal and relationship issues. These include consent, identity, anatomy, sexual health and services, gender, sexual orientation, relationships and sexual exploitation.

Participation in Outside the Box is made safe for young people through the use of distancing techniques, but it can also prompt one-to-one disclosures.

How to become an Outside the Box facilitator

To become an Outside the Box facilitator/trainer we have developed a two day course to give you the tools and knowledge to utilise the materials.


This course is only for those with experience of working with vulnerable young people, for example specialist nurses, residential care workers, teachers and non-teaching staff in schools

Cost for 2-day facilitator training course is £375 per delegate 

The course will provide you with the:

Confidence and skills to facilitate Outside the Box effectively and safely with young people

Knowledge relating to the sex and relationships education content of Outside the Box

Practice delivering activities from Outside the Box

Identification of practical strategies for delivering Outside the Box in a relevant setting, including safeguarding considerations

     Outside the Box facilitator training is CPD certified.