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FAQs on RSE for Parliamentarians - July 2018

In anticipation of new Government guidance on RSE the Sex Education Forum has produced a briefing which aims to sweep away some common misconceptions about RSE. We hope that this will be helpful for MPs and other Parliamentarians.

The briefing addresses the following frequently asked questions:

1. When should relationships and sex education start?

2. Do parents support RSE?

3. How can children learn safely about what constitutes sexual abuse?

4. What is ‘LGBT-inclusive’ RSE?  

5. If young people learn about contraception and condoms aren’t they more likely to have sex and to take risks? 

6. How do faith schools approach RSE?

7. Don’t young people have enough information online without learning more at school?

8. What training do school staff need to teach RSE?

9. Does RSE need to be taught as part of PSHE education?

We also call on Parliamentarians to have high expectations for the new guidance. We’ve waited too long to get RSE updated. There is substantial cross-party support for change, and we must ensure that when change comes it truly raises the bar and delivers quality RSE.