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Ready for statutory RSHE - webinar series

6 November 2020

Webinars in this series are available to commission as a series of individually.  

Each webinar is designed to last for 75 minutes and is run using zoom. 

- Webinars 1 and 2 are ideal for PSHE / RSHE leads and SLT. 

-  Webinar 3 is ideal for PSHE / RSHE leads, SLT and teaching staff

- Webinars 4 and 5 are ideal for PSHE / RSHE leads and teaching staff

The sessions are all interactive, with opportunities to learn from colleagues. Powerpoint presentations are provided for all courses. 

1. Parental consultation and RSE
  • Get an understanding of the legislative requirements for parental consultation about RSE
  • Consider appropriate methods for consultation 
  • Identify how pupil consultation and parent consultation can work together to inform a schools' RSE provision
2. RSE definitions and building a developmental curriculum
  • Consider what constitutes sex education and how to define relationships education and sex education separately
  • Know the requirements from Government legislation in relation to RSE definitions and the developmental curriculum
  • Explore what a developmental approach involves for learning about some specific aspects of RSE
  • Identify features of high quality RSE, based on research evidence
3.  Values for teaching RSE 
  • Consider the values that are relevant to RSE 
  • Reflect on what we bring to the RSE classroom in terms of personal values and lived experience
  • Explore how to devise learning within safe boundaries, which enables pupils to discuss topics where there may be strongly held views
  • Consider own support needs when teaching RSE  
4. Practical techniques for teaching RSE 

In this practical, activity-led course for teachers of RSE we explore:

- Techniques to support effective teaching and learning including using distancing techniques, questioning, and circle activities

- Creative ways to approach a selection of RSE topics, to support learners to access learning safely and inclusively

- Participatory activities to enable learners to demonstrate skills

5. Assessment in RSHE
  • Consider creative ways to assess learning in RSE
  • Identify assessment opportunities, supporting you to develop a curriculum informed by judicious assessment, responding to learners’ strengths and needs.
  • Focus on ways to assess that enable learners to demonstrate, explain and justify without relying on the written word.
  • This webinar will support you to incorporate meaningful assessment into your programme for learners with additional needs.

The webinars are also available to commission for delivery within an individual school or local area. Contact  for details. 


What participants say:

“You nailed it. I've not experienced an online training session with so much participation before”

“Excellent training - very engaging, thought provoking and fun, from a very competent, knowledgeable trainer”

“Everything was practical and relaxed with plenty of hands-on activities and the chances to share expertise were great”

"Fantastic delivery and clear concise messages. Excellent sign posting to further services and resources"