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Accessible RSE foundations: Consent, touch and privacy

15:30 — 17:00
Remote access - via zoom
Accessible RSE foundations: Consent, touch and privacy

Bookings for this course are now closed. 

Where do we start with teaching about consent in primary school, especially for learners with SEND? How do we teach about appropriate and safe touch in an accessible way for our most vulnerable learners? 

This webinar explores how the key concepts of privacy, consent and touch can be taught as part of statutory Relationships Education; outlining best-practice for creating a safe, inclusive space; developing a curriculum and what assessment looks like in relation to RSE.

Ideal for RSE subject leads in special schools and mainstream primary as well as class teachers delivering RSE to younger learners. Also relevant to SENCOs. 

Participants will consider how to teach about: 

  • Consent in an age-appropriate way including in relation to playing, sharing and joining in;  

  • Touching other’s bodies and our own;  

  • Rules about privacy in relation to parts of the body, places and in-person and online behaviour; 

  • Good and bad touch; 

  • How to say no and ask for help;  

  • Communicating own boundaries 

Participants will also: 

  • Be given practical activities that can be used in the classroom to give learners robust guidelines and ways to navigate the topic of touch and privacy safely. 

  • Build confidence in approaching the topic of consent in an age appropriate and differentiated way 

  • Consider how a whole-school approach can support the teaching of Relationships Education. 

  • Identify safe and inclusive classroom practices; 

  • Consider how to develop a skills-focused curriculum and forms of assessment for Relationships Education. 

This webinar is a good stepping stone to some of our longer specialist SEND courses. It will support you to develop a curriculum that is age appropriate, needs led, differentiated and personalised.  

How to take part: This webinar will run using zoom. Ticket holders will receive an email in advance of the event with the meeting ID and password. Accompanying slides are provided for delegates to keep. 

Commission this course: This course is also available to commission  

Contact: [email protected]