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Defining RSE and building a developmental and evidence-based curriculum

15:45 — 17:00
Remote access via zoom
Defining RSE and building a developmental and evidence-based curriculum

The second of a pair of webinars designed to help schools preparing to deliver statutory RSHE. This webinar provides help with aspects of RSE policy writing and curriculum design. It addresses the need to develop separate definitions for Relationships and Sex Education so that schools can comply with Government guidance and then operationalise parental requests to withdraw children from sex education. Ideal for RSHE and PSHE education leads and Senior Leadership Team. 

Accompanying slides that will be sent to delegates afterwards together with a copy of our 'RSE definitions guide'. This is an interactive webinar with opportunity to share practice with peers and ask your questions. Running time is 75 minutes.

Participants will: 

  • Consider what constitutes sex education and how to define relationships education and sex education separately
  • Know the requirements from Government legislation in relation to RSE definitions and the developmental curriculum
  • Explore what a developmental approach involves for learning about some specific aspects of RSE
  • Identify features of high quality RSE, based on research evidence

The first of the pair of webinars is 'Parental consultation and RSE' which is available the previous week on Wednesday 22nd April. 

How to take part: This webinar will run using zoom. Ticket holders will receive an email in advance of the event with the meeting ID and password. Accompanying slides are provided for delegates to keep along with a free copy of our 'RSE Definitions guide'.