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Gender, power and consent in RSE

09:30 — 10:45
Remote - via zoom
£34.99 - £39.99
Gender, power and consent in RSE

This 75 minute webinar will support participants to: ​

  • Know what is required by the Government RSHE guidance in terms of teaching about consent, gender and violence against women and girls. 
  • Explore the research evidence about addressing gender and power in RSE and how this can be translated into effective practice in RSE lessons. 
  • Consider examples of how we can examine and challenge harmful gender norms in RSE. 
  • Gain confidence in fostering gender equality and LGBTQ+ equality in the classroom and whole school. 

How to take part: This webinar will run using zoom. Ticket holders will receive an email in advance of the event with the meeting ID and password. Accompanying slides are provided for delegates to keep.