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Teaching Positive Sexual Health

09:30 — 15:30
Teaching Positive Sexual Health

Sexual health doctor and trainer, Dr Eleanor Draeger, will equip participants to plan and deliver effective teaching and learning around genital anatomy, puberty and sexual development, reproduction and fertility, STIs, contraception, pregnancy choices and the social and emotional dimensions of sexual health.

Participants will explore how each of these topics maps across a comprehensive programme of secondary phase RSE that is compliant with new legislation. There will be opportunities to assess quality-assured resources. A free copy of our Sex Ed Sorted lesson materials for Key Stage 3 is provided. Participants will explore approaches for facilitating safe and open discussions about sexual rights and responsibilities, exploring contemporary issues such as genital cosmetic surgery, assisted fertility and HIV transmission, treatment and prevention.

The focus will be on meeting young people’s need for RSE which presents a positive view of human sexuality and medically accurate information about sexual and reproductive health. The training will model LGBT+ inclusive approaches to sexual health and attention will be given to meeting the needs of pupils with SEN.

This course also equips participants to use Sex Ed Sorted – a suite of Key Stage 3 lesson materials focused on sexual and reproductive health, developed by the Sex Education Forum for the ‘Healthy Minds’ programme.