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Gender Matters: Gender identity, gender equality and trans-inclusion

1 March 2018

Available for both primary and secondary schools. 

This course is for school leaders, teachers and support staff looking to improve their understanding of gender, gender identity and trans inclusive practice. Participants will explore the theory and concepts which underpin trans-inclusion and how this supports wider equality objectives and anti bullying work. Participants will get to grips with the legislative framework and have the chance to audit provision in their own school. Practical activities will be used to explore concepts such as heteronormativity and unconscious bias, and participants will have the opportunity to trial a range of resources and learn from colleagues.

Training outcomes:

  • Knowledge of key legislation and requirements for schools, including Ofsted and the Equality Act

  • Clarity about terminology and confidence to use key terms

  • Awareness of the experiences and needs of young people, including those that are LGBT+

  • Confidence to use a range of resources to support a gender-aware approach and challenge sexism and sexual and gender-based bullying

  • Knowledge of best practice in supporting trans and gender questioning pupils

  • Clear actions for working towards a whole school approach

Supported by an eLearning short course: Gender, gender identity and trans-inclusion

Share learning with colleagues with our accompanying eLearning course. This 30-minute introductory course is free to all participants and helps to cascade learning to the staff group.

What participants say:

“The trainer was fantastic! Great knowledge which they were able to get across confidently which I was really impressed with”

“It’s made a big difference… I was worried about what the kick-back would be and training has given me the confidence I needed”

“My knowledge has been broadened - I feel as if I was living in the dark ages”