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Introduction to Relationships and Sex Education - British Museum

6 September 2016

Bespoke training commissioned by the British Museum's education team to support artist-educators working on a schools' outreach programme focusing on Sex and Relationships Education. The programme offers pupils in Key Stages 3,4 and 5 the opportunity to explore themes such as pornography and consent by engaging with historical objects in the museum's collection.  

The training focused on developing participants' understanding of schools' legislative duties, including safeguarding and The Equality Act, and how best practice principles could be integrated in to the sessions in the museum.  

Participant Feedback

"It was great to get clarification around curriculum and schools RSE provision"

"It has helped me to have more empathy with nervous teachers and to see how our sessions at the Museum might fit to RSE provision as a whole"

"This has removed my apprehension about teaching these sessions and I see that it is fundamentally the same as my current teaching practice"