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Outside the Box facilitator training - Aycliffe secure unit, County Durham

10 June 2016

The two-day facilitator training was commissioned by Durham County Council to support staff working with vulnerable young people. Participants explored options for adpting the Outside the Box personal development programme to meet the specific needs of young offenders, teen parents and those outside of mainstream education. 

Over the two days, participants explored a range of resources and practical approaches for engaging young people around issues relating to relationships and sex, including consent, body confidence and sexual health. Participants practiced delivering activities from the programme to their peers, focusing on providing safe learning environments for small group and one to one sessions. 

Participant feedback

"I really enjoyed this training and feel I have gained a lot from it, loved the activities and hands on work"

"Great pace, lots learnt but never felt rushed"

"I can really see the value in this training for young people. I wish I had had a programme like this in my teens!"