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Going Off the Rails

Going off the Rails is providing "Sex Positive" Comprehensive Relationship & Sex Education workshops, training & resources to young people and the professionals who work with them. They are encouraging them to have the conversations that matter, so that early sexual experiences are something to build from, not get over.

What they offer:

  • Training
    • For professionals who work with young people in Primary and Secondary Schools, and informal settings
  • Consultancy
    • On Policy, research projects - specialising in running Young people's project boards to enable young people to shape interventions made for them
  • Resources
    • Write resources for both primary and secondary aged children, training materials around all aspects of RSE
  • Other
    • Also work as an agony aunt for young people's Sex and Relationship websites.


We are members of the Sex Education Forum to share good practice with like minded professionals - working from an evidence base to empower young people and shape future policy


Contact: [email protected]