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Become a partner

The Sex Education Forum was founded in 1987 on the basis of partnership between organisations with a common interest in children and young people receiving their entitlement to relationships and sex education (RSE). 

Today, partnership is still the basis of who we are and what we do. Our partners now include local authorities, NHS trusts, national and local organisations and individuals, all working with a shared belief in evidence-based RSE. 

To become a partner you or your organisation should be in agreement with our 10 values and principles for RSE. Applications are then made to our Director, who will arrange for the elected Advisory Group to review it. 

Benefits of partnership

Our parnters are entitled to: 

  • Free ticket (for one representative per partner) for our annual members event
  • Voting rights and the opportunity to stand for election to the Advisory Group and role of Chair
  • Involvement in our policy work (and listed on our policy statements)
  • Clear listing as a partner on our website including description, web-link, logo and email address 
  • Your new resources, training, research promoted across our full membership and through our training
  • Use of the 'Proud to be a partner' logo on your website 
  • Full membership benefits including regular bulletin, access to our web-based resources and £25 discount on our training courses

Shared values and principles 

The Sex Education Forum believe high quality RSE should: 

  • Be accurate and factual, covering a comprehensive range of information about sex, relationships, the law and sexual health, in order to make informed choices. In schools this should be part of compulsory curriculum provision;
  • Be positively inclusive in terms of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, culture, age, religion or belief or other life-experience particularly HIV status and pregnancy;
  • Include the development of skills to support healthy and safe relationships and ensure good communication about these issues;
  • Promote a critical awareness of the different attitudes and views on sex and relationships within society such as peer norms and those portrayed in the media;
  • Provide opportunities for reflection in order to nurture personal values based on mutual respect and care;
  • Be part of lifelong learning, starting early in childhood and continuing throughout life. It should reflect the age and level of the learner;
  • Ensure children and young people are clearly informed of their rights such as how they can access confidential advice and health services within the boundaries of safeguarding;
  • Be relevant and meet the needs of children and young people, and actively involve them as participants, advocates and evaluators in developing good quality provision;
  • Be delivered by competent and confident educators;
  • Be provided within a learning environment which is safe for the children, young people and adults involved and based on the principle that prejudice, discrimination and bullying are harmful and unacceptable.


Our pricing structure is designed to be accessible to individuals and small organsiations, and includes discounted rates for a three-year subsription. 

For individuals and small organisations:

£178 (VAT inclusive) - annual cost

£470 (VAT inclusive) - 3 year discounted rate

For larger organisations (with income of £100,000 or more per year) 

£290 (VAT inclusive) - annual cost

£767 (VAT inclusive) - 3 year discounted rate


Make your application to become a partner

To enquire about becoming a partner please contact