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To carry out our campaign work we urgently need your financial support.  We currently receive no core funding from government or elsewhere. We fund our policy and influencing work through fees from our Partners. Our income is also drawn from Membership, other generated income and project grants.

Fundraising is an excellent way or raising awareness to the Sex Education Forum's work; and helps raise funds for us to continue working towards making RSE fulling inclusive and comprehensive for all children and young people. Will you help to fund our work? If you donate:

  • £5 we can produce 300 campaign stickers to use at events
  • £50 we can devote time to speak on national or local radio – thus raising awareness with the public about RSE
  • £100 we can prepare and send a briefing about RSE to all parliamentarians
  • £250  we can produce a parliamentary briefing or engage with and meet with an MP
  • £500 we can create and publicise a call for action, such as an 'email your MP' campaign
  • £2500  this will enable us to commission an independent poll of young people to get their views on the quality of RSE and enable us to monitor the implementation of statutory RSE. 

How to donate

We are registered for Gift Aid. Please contact us for details. Email  

Fundraising activities

There are lots of ways to raise money for us! Celebrating a big birthday is one way to go about it. 

Who needs more stuff at 70? I didn’t need any more things that have to be stored or dusted by the time I was 40 so this year for my 70th I decided to celebrate in style, but the invitations asked guests to donate rather than bring me gifts.

I took a pretty low key approach and just left a box labelled donations by the door. This still raised several hundred pounds for the Sex Education Forum and I will be more assertive next time!

Ruth Hilton