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Jigsaw Education Group

Jigsaw Education Group programmes help children learn the language, vocabulary and techniques to build their self-esteem, confidence and full emotional repertoire. We take a school wide approach, supporting teachers to create a learning environment that permeates all parts of school life.

Our programmes provide a progressive and spiral curriculum, linked assemblies and songs, adult modelling, outdoor lessons, social games at lunchtime, understanding of different worldviews, leading ultimately to a set of shared values and behaviours that become the fabric of the way a school functions.

For Years EYFS - Age 16 


  • 400+ lesson plans accompanied with supporting resources, assemblies, original songs and knowledge organisers
  • Whole-school spiral approach
  • Mindfulness embedded
  • Up-to-date webinar and CPD programmes
  • Meets all statutory RSHE requirements
  • Mapping Documents
  • Knowledge Organisers
  • Parent Access
  • Newsletter updates
  • Jigsaw Friends distancing tools
  • Additional programmes available;
    Outdoors – enhancing learning opportunities Outdoors
    Families – designed to support families build string, loving relationships
    Connects – FREE match-making service, for schools who want to work together, with Jigsaw PSHE as their initial common ground.
  • REST / resilience scale built in

Staff Training and support

Webinars and dedicated mentors


Contact: [email protected]