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Life Support Productions

Publisher of online and DVD based RSE and PSHE teaching resources including for children and young people with additional educational needs and learning disabilities.

Our focus is on relationship and sex education and PSHE (including for children and young people with learning disabilities and additional educational needs).  Each of our resources includes essential information about the main issues including body changes, consent, sex and relationships, contraception, personal health and much more.

Accessible and user-friendly, with easy to use menu choices and optional subtitles, each offers a comprehensive guide in a clear and engaging way.  Using 3D animation throughout, each topic is explained by its own video sequence.  These are evenly paced, clear and direct with lots of useful information.

Complete with supporting lesson plans our resources are in use in many special schools, colleges and other educational settings in the UK and internationally.

Life Support Productions is proud to support the work of the Sex Education Forum, working together to improve the lives of children and young people including those with learning disabilities.

Website: Contact: [email protected].