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Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisation

Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisation (MEWSo) is an organisation run by and for women from ethnic minority communities. They provide support to all Middle Eastern, North African and Asian women who are victims or survivors of domestic abuse in London to rebuild their lives. Their vision includes a society where all woman feel safe, have access to equal rights and equal opportunities. This includes fighting for fair and just treatment.

MEWSo fights against all forms of discrimination, inequality and exclusion; to end harmful practices and violence against women and girls. They work to raise awareness on these issues through their campaigns: Polygamy Matters, Ban Virginity Tests, Ban Hymenoplasty, LGBTQ+ Matters as well as a coalition with the Step Up Migrant Women campaign. MEWSo strives to work in partnership with other organisations to develop a community wide defence of women's rights.


Contact: Halaleh Taheri, [email protected]