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Outspoken Sex Ed


Outspoken Sex Ed is a community-interest company (CIC) focusing on the importance of parental engagement in children’s RSE learning in terms of safeguarding, improving mental health and strengthening the parent-child connection and the home-school partnership

What they offer:

  • Outreach
    • OUTSPOKEN essentially educates parents – via discussion and experiential learning – about how to be effective RSE educators to their children by talking openly at home.

    • OUTSPOKEN events come in three formats: focus groups, panel discussions and interactive seminars…

      • For primary and secondary schools – events target parents but can also be whole-school initiatives including teachers, staff, governors etc

      • For companies, corporates, parent/child organisations – events target companies’ parent networks, employee-enrichment schemes or CSR (corporate social responsibility) remits

  • Conference presence
    • OUTSPOKEN offers presentations, workshops and breakout sessions at RSE-related conferences
  • Contulancy
    • OUTSPOKEN supports schools through consultation with key stakeholders to evaluate and develop schools’ values frameworks and strengthen the home/school partnership. OUTSPOKEN helps schools to meet Ofsted inspection criteria on parental engagement in RSE and to fulfil DfE requirements for parental consultation in current and scheduled statutory and non-statutory RSE Guidance
  • Resources
    • OUTSPOKEN regularly distributes a subscription-only OUTSPOKEN Sex Ed Topics In the News round-up – an extensive curation of articles and current events around RSE subjects
    • OUTSPOKEN offers a toolkit for parents on how to talk openly with their children
    • During interactive seminars OUTSPOKEN provides parents with an educational pack to support their learning

  • Other
    • OUTSPOKEN publishes articles and blog posts on RSE topics


Proud to be allied with the Sex Education Forum in supporting children’s right to comprehensive RSE, OUTSPOKEN is out to broaden the conversation around sex education by focusing on how parental engagement can both support RSE learning at school and give parents the confidence – as their children’s primary sex educators – to talk openly at home, safeguarding their children’s mental health and strengthening the parent/child connection


Contact: [email protected]